Oswego Marching Buccaneers

Asian Dances



The 2008 Marching Buccaneers are proud to perform our show entitled Asian Dances. Two wonderful pieces of music create our sonic palette:

Three Japanese Dances by Bernard Rogers and Gloriosa by Yasushide Ito.

Each piece is clearly symphonic in design but is infused with the very distinguishable flavor of Asian melody and rhythm. The visual portion of our program is inspired by Asian folk art. In particular, images of Cranes, Mt. Fuji, and their uniquely beautiful women.

Please enjoy our rendering of the majesty, beauty, elegance and intensity ofAsian culture in the Buccaneers performance of ASIAN DANCES!

The Marching Buccaneers have been Bands of America Regional Competition Finalists: the 2000 Bands of America Eastern Regional Competition in Hempstead, LI, finishing 8th, the 1997 BOA Southeastern Regional in Johnson City, TN, finishing 2nd in class AA, and the 1987 Morgantown, W.Va. Regional, finishing 3rd. They have performed in Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey and West Virginia. The Marching Buccaneers have been active members of the NYS Field Band Conference for more than 30 years as members of the Conference's National Class. Last December they performed in the nationally televised Citrus Bowl Parade in Orlando Florida and in a SpectroMagic parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The 2008 Marching Buccaneers

Drum Major- Emily Fiorini

Assistant Drum Major- Amber Scruton



2008 Marching Buccaneers Staff


Music Arrangement- Nick Baratta, Bill Palange / Percussion Arrangement- Ted Mascari, Nick Baratta / Drill Design- Rick Morey / Color Guard Design- Chris Caracillo, Jessica Chachowski / Color Guard- Wendy Barbeau, Kara Allen, Jessica Chachowski, Shannon Omara / Marching & Maneuvering- Paul McPherson, Michael Tierney, Ali Sivers, Brian Walls / Percussion- Heather Sweeting, Thomas Norton, Josh Rogers, Bryan Kern, Ted Mascari / Music- Stephen Defren, Jim Peer, Bill Palange Assistant Directors- Heather Sweeting, Paul McPherson, Michael Tierney

Director- Stephen Defren