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The beginning of July 1863 saw the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. Over 150,000 men fought for control for
the land surrounding the Pennsylvanian town of Gettysburg. The battle pitted the extraordinarily popular General Robert E.
Lee against the newly appointed Federal General, George Meade.

Fighting broke out at locations named, McPherson’s Ridge, Barlow’s Knoll, the Railroad Cut, the Peach Orchard,
the Wheat Field, Devil’s Den, Big and Little Round Top, Culp’s Hill, Cemetery Ridge and Seminary Ridge.
The Confederates held the advantage on the first day. On the second day of fighting both sides vied for control of the

high ground and the confederates concentrated most of their attack on the end of the union lines or their flanks. On the third day General Lee ordered a grand assault of 15,000 men to attack the Union center. It began around 1 pm with a massive confederate bombardment that consisted of 160 cannons firing at once. It was reported that the sound of the guns was heard 40 miles away in Harrisburg. After two hours, the confederates came out of the woods to form the attack that became know as Pickett’s Charge named for its leader, General George Pickett. The goal of the attack was a small clump of trees behind the union line. The march to get there covered over a mile of open field that made the troops vulnerable. Although the confederates broke through the federal lines briefly, the entire attack was futile as the initial artillery bombardment failed to do much damage to the union line. The confederates were forced to retreat and the next day, Independence Day, the confederates retreated back towards the south.

Over the three days of fighting there was an estimated 51,000 men killed, captured or wounded. The cost of the war became evident to citizens on both sides of the conflict. Most soldiers did not carry any identification. One union soldier was found clutching a picture of his three children. This allowed the soldier to be identified as Amos Humiston, who, was said to be from Oswego, NY in some reports but actually was from Portville.

The music from our show is based on the music from the movie Gettysburg, which was composed by Randy Edelman. We open our show with a woodwind chorale that states one of the main themes of the film score. The remaining melodies range from gentle ballads to fife and drum-like melodies to triumphant hymns, all of which are designed to portray the glory and tragedy that such an event creates.

Throughout the show we try to highlight one the more tragic elements of any civil war. That is the fight of “brother against brother.” Friends and families were torn apart by the war. The two solo dancers represent this conflict. During Pickett’s charge there were two great friends who had to fight against each other. These men were Lewis “Lo” Armistead a confederate general and General Winfield Scott Hancock of the Union army. Both men were wounded during the battle.

The Marching Buccaneers have been Bands of America Regional Competition Finalists: the 2000 Bands of America Eastern Regional Competition in Hempstead, LI, finishing 8th, the 1997 BOA Southeastern Regional in Johnson City, TN, finishing 2nd in class AA, and the 1987 Morgantown, W.Va. Regional, finishing 3rd. They have performed in Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey and West Virginia. The Marching Buccaneers have been active members of the NYS Field Band Conference for more than 25 years as members of the Conference's National Class.

The 2006 Marching Buccaneers

Drum Major Jenn C / Assistant Drum Major Nick B / Solo Dancers Emily P, Rose F / Woodwind Choir Gregory R, Jenna S, flute; Heather B, Amanda Donovan, clarinet; Jessica B, Alto Saxophone, Aaron N, Baritone Saxophone / Small Ensemble Jeff B, Adam D, Joel M, Dan E, Jon G, John M, sousaphone; Nick L, Bryan T, trumpet


2006 Marching Buccaneers Staff

Music Arrangement Nick Baratta / Percussion Arrangement Ted Mascari, Nick Baratta, Kirk Gay / Drill Design Michael Tierney / Color Guard Design Jessica Chachowski / Color Guard Melissa Walls, Wendy Barbeau, Kara Wallace / Horn line flag feature Cayla Defren / Marching & Maneuvering Paul McPherson, Michael Tierney, Brian Walls, Ali Sivers,/ Percussion Heather Sweeting, Thomas Norton, Brian LaValle, Pat Blakely / Music Pete Blake, Stephen Defren/ Assistant Directors Heather Sweeting, Paul McPherson, Michael Tierney / Director Stephen Defren

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