2005 Oswego High School Marching Buccaneers

Although Welsh-born composer Karl Jenkins believed he invented the word from his own imagination, a Latin translation already existed for his vocal project called Adiemus which means “we will draw near.” Jenkins’ beautiful and unusual melodies take in Arabic, African and "Celtic" influences, with percussion that reflects Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Chinese and even Australian culture. Intricate rhythms, unpredictable harmonies and beautiful, memorable melodies make the music from Adiemus far- reaching in its appeal to people of all races and backgrounds.


The beautiful butterfly wings that appear at the end of our program draw all of the banner colors used in our visual program together to form a unified whole. “From many, one” - E pluribus unum – is our country’s motto. But it also characterizes the process of bringing a diverse array of students together to form our own Marching Buccaneers, and their goal of bringing you, an equally diverse audience, together through music. Karl Jenkins’ goal, like ours, is both appropriate and timely. We hope Adiemus will, indeed, “draw you near.”


Oswego is Grand Champion of the 2002 James Madison University “Parade of Champions” in Harrisonburg, VA. The Marching Buccaneers have been Bands of America Regional Competition finalists: the 2000 Bands of America Eastern Regional Competition in Hempstead, LI, finishing 8th, the 1997 BOA Southeastern Regional in Johnson City, TN, finishing 2nd in class AA, and the 1987 Morgantown, W.Va. Regional finishing 3rd. They have performed in Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey and West Virginia. Oswego represented New York State in the 1990 and 2000 Fiesta Bowl Parade and National Pageant of Bands in Phoenix, Arizona.


The Marching Buccaneers have been active members of the NYS Field Band Conference from its inception. They are proud to stand with the nation’s finest marching bands in the Conference's National Class.


The 2005 Marching Buccaneers

Drum Major Roopa Bhopale
Assistant Conductor
Meghan Keating

Drill Design/Michael Tierney

Color Guard Design /Sara Mascari

Music Arrangements/Nicholas M. Baratta

Percussion Arrangements/Teddy Mascari

Color Guard Instruction Sara Mascari, Kimberly Schuler

Jessica Czachowski Angela Conzone, Melissa Walls

Marching & Maneuvering/Paul McPherson, Michael Tierney,

Brandie Norton, Brian Walls, David Mceneany

Music Michael Dunsmoor, William Palange

Percussion Instruction/Heather Sweeting, Thomas Norton,

Teddy Mascari, Christopher Wengert

Alumni Assistants/Alexandra Ackerman, Sarah Shaver, Stephen Syrell

Assistant Directors Michael Dunsmoor, Heather Sweeting, Paul McPherson

Director William Palange