2001 Marching Buccaneers

John Rutter


Directed by

William Palange

Drum Major

Julia Baer


Assistant Drum Major/Soloist Maggie Marturano, piccolo


John Rutter was born in London in 1945 and received his first musical training as a chorister at Highgate School. He went on to study music at Clare College, Cambridge, where he wrote his first published compositions and conducted his first recording while still an undergraduate. His music is easily recognizable by its lyrical melodic lines and rich harmonies. The passion for music that inspired him as a young man is clearly reflected in all of his work. Rutter always leads the listener to a wonderful place in the vast expanse of the mind - a place of true beauty, inner peace, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Gloria, is a work originally scored for chorus, organ, brass and percussion. The three movements correspond to a traditional symphonic structure, with the theme based on an ancient Gregorian chant. The rousing and energetic first and third movements contrast with an introspective, somewhat ethereal second movement. The use of the woodwind and brass choirs provide a variety of color with exciting rhythmic punctuation by the percussion section in the outer movements. The many moods expressed in Rutter’s Gloria conjure images of the vibrancy and fiery passion that is life.

Oswego was a finalist in the 2000 Bands of America Eastern Regional Competition in Hempstead, LI, finishing 8th, and1997 BOA Southeastern Regional in Johnson City, TN, finishing 2nd in class AA. They have performed in Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New Jersey and West Virginia. Oswego represented New York State in the 2000 Fiesta Bowl Parade and National Pageant of Bands in Phoenix, Arizona. The Buccaneers were proud to earn fourth place honors in the prestigious Pageant held in Phoenix, Arizona’s, Bank One Stadium.

The Marching Buccaneers have been active members of the NYS Field Band Conference for over 25 years as members of the Conference's National Class. We invite you to Oswego for the 23rd annual "Pageant of Champions" on Saturday evening, September 22nd at 7PM. Come and enjoy a wonderful day in the picturesque Port City, followed by an evening of unparalleled music and motion.

Marching Buccaneers Staff

Music Arrangements

Nick Baratta

Drill Design

Dan Campbell

Color Guard

Jackie Campbell, Gordon Quackenbush, Alison Penfield
Richard Proctor, Angela Conzone

Marching & Maneuvering

Paul McPherson, Michael Tierney, Brandie Noyes, David McEneany Maureen Bennett,Alicia Chachowski


Heather Sweeting, Theodore Mascari, Andrew Heintz,


Michael Dunsmoor, Jason Varga

Assistant Directors

Michael Dunsmoor, Heather Sweeting, Paul McPherson


William Palange